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Space Sculptures
Take a look through these clay sculptures. Each hand made and hand glazed representing space craft or aliens in their natural environment. These unique pieces are available for sale, or you can order a commisioned piece.

Click on an image to get a larger view.
Please note if an item is not in stock you will be notified.
In this case allow 5 weeks for the artist to complete it and ship it.

A wall sculpture of the Nasa Space shuttle Endeavour in low earth orbit.
7¾" wide by 6¾" high.

Price: USD $120.00 shipping included.
A wall sculpture of the Apollo-11 lunar lander on the surface of the moon
7¼" wide by 6½" high

Price: USD $120.00 shipping included.
A sculpture of an alien serpent catching an explorer off guard
10½" long by 4½" wide by 1¾" high

Not currently for sale. Email for ordering custom made similar pieces.

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