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Scifi/Fantasy Sketches
Browse through these sketches taken from the work I've done over the last few years.

If you need a custom sketch of anything scifi or fantasy contact me via email and we can discuss the details. Usual costs range from $5 to $30 per item depending on the complexity required.

Click on an image to get a larger view.

Power Armour
Here is a futuristic suit of power armour I made using metallic shine effect

Mechanical Crustacean
A mechanical crustacian I drew for a relative in an hour

Here is the follow up to the crustacean made to look more "friendly and cuddly"

Some more guns
A couple more futuristic firearms

A high tech island
An isolated island set up with a high tech facility

futuristic guns
Some futuristic firearms I created

Explorer robot
An exploration robot

Combat Mech
A light combat Mech

Female military combat robot
An experimental, robotic warrior

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