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Spectre Explorer - Player Details
McDonald Douglas SLR-2-300 Spectre

Country of origin - USA
First Flight - 14th Febuary 2011
Type - Hyperdrive Reconnaisance Aerospaceplane
Crew/Accomodation - three flight crew plus specialist and two passengers
Powerplant - one 300MW (402,000 hp) Thanatos Industries C-F-1100 Cold Fusion Reactor
Propulsion - Four tilt-mount 50,000lb thrust Pratt and Whitney Delta-I7 Fusion Rockets
Dimensions - Wingspan :24.4 m (80ft), length:32.8m (107.6ft), height:4.9m (16.2ft), with undercarraige height:5.4m (21ft)
Max take-off weight (VTOL flight) - 90,703kg (200,000 lbs)
Max take-off wieght (winged flight) - 113,379kg (250,000 lbs)
Max payload weight for orbit - 1882kg (4150 lbs)
Unloaded, fueled mass - 79,942kg (276271 lbs)
Max acceleration - 1.13g
Max air spd - 1,209kph (751mph)
Cruise air spd - 561kph (349mph)
Max spd range - 53,923km (33,496 miles) - 44 hours, 36 mins
Cruise spd range - 250,215km (155,660 miles) - 18 days, 14 hours
Stall spd (winged flight) - 182kph (113mph)

Avionics - Fly-by-wire controls, computer navigation and astrogations with INS, Three space Ladar, Magnetic Anomaly Detectors and Low light cameras, Thermograph and laser range finder(turret mounted) Hull laser sensors and Radar locator, Type 2 deceptive Radar jammer, and IR cloaking
Weaponry - All mounted in top turret: Two Senson 0.12 calibre EM pulse Gauss guns with 5000 rounds, one 72 Mj pulse laser cannon.
Hull defences - Radar Absorbant Material underlying hull material (partial slealth) coated with liquid crystal tiles (cameleon flow). Sound insulated hull and accoustic retro noise generators mouinted on exhaust nozzles
Hyperdrive - McDonald Douglas T-8 Level 2 Hypershunt, Heron Hyperspace Buffers
Accessories - One 50 cf airlock, 3g internal grav plates (covers hull and turret seating), three type-5 repair and meantenance robots, air reporcessing, five man year food supply, mechanical workshop

This is an example of an info sheet on a vehicle the players were issued with. In this case a USAF explorer used about a decade after humans discover faster than light travel. I designed the statistics of the craft with an early version of GURPS Vehicles. At this point in the game the alien culture has not realised humans exist (a clerical error made centuries ago when they mapped this region of space) and the humans have opted to 'lay low' during their exploration. Hence this ship, stealthed as much as they can against radar, visual, and with sound baffled engines (for when they are in atmosphere). In the end it turns out this was all for nought as alien technology was able to penetrate these measures fairly easily. Luckily the aliens did not trace any contacts back to Earth and humans were able to remain isolated until they could catch up techologically.

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