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For all you space nuts out there, interested in space art, fact or fiction, here is a page to explore. Here you will find examples of my creativity expressed in different types of art media dealing with science fiction and fantasy. From the depths of outer space, to ancient cities, to fantastic creatures, all is here.

of mine representing NASA space vehicles

Take a look at some Retro-Tech drawings

High tech starships gliding through the pitch black of space

of mine that I have used in various sessions over the years

See what other scifi weirdness I've come up with

I also design graphics to show on your website for an eBook you are selling

About me
I am Gerry Penman, an artist, draftsman, clock repairer, programmer and writer living happily in Florida. Born in England, I have recently moved to the US and am looking forward to the varied possibilities this land has to offer. I have always been a sci-fi nut, primarily interested in spaceships or alternate history vehicles. I have been doing Role Playing games ever since school, using several systems such as Traveller, Palladium, D&D, Call of C'thulu and, for the last few years, GURPS. At school I specialized in art and technical drawing, but I am mostly self-taught. I design 3D models, either for private amusement or for Mods for existing games (mostly Homeworld) and still enjoy playing with the Milkshape modeling program to design 3D structures. Since coming to the US, I have discovered I have an affinity for 3D work in general, and I am doing exciting pieces in clay and ceramic sculpture.[see above link]

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Dy's Art Tiles
Dy Witt does beautiful hand painted tile work. Whether you need murals or individual tiles she can produce almost any image you need on tile to your specs.

Paula's Art.com
www.paulaart.com with....Railroad Art, Mixed Media, and Photography. Original Artwork for you home or business.

GURPS (Generic Universal Role Playing System) is what I have been using for over five years now. A well rounded system that allows any background or genre and many play styles.

Traveller is a roleplaying game that was created in the late 1970s and now has been updated to use the GURPS rules. Set more than a thousand years in the future it is a hard Scifi setting with a very in-depth background universe.

This program is a great utility for creating games of all types. Primarily you create games through point and click based software, though you can add code in their own C like language for more complex work.

Here you can find almost anything scifi, from details on the laterst movie or TV show to galleries of scifi art to stories online to scifi paraphanalia for sale.

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